Since davton has left the door open, I'm taking this opportunity to slip in a little summer review. Because I'm on vacation away from home at the moment, I can't capture ant footage, which is why you're only getting some text and a few screenshots (taken in handheld mode). Now if you'll allow me, I'd like to take a few seconds to remind some of you that it is quite annoying to see them complain of the Xbox only coverage these days, when most of you here generally never show any kind of gratitude for our efforts all year long. To begin with, I shouldn't need to remind you that this is not our day job and that we make no money for ourselves doing it. Secondly, davton has been on his own for several weeks now, posting regular content even when he doesn't have to, just to make sure you get something to watch. To make matters worse, his DualSense broke down for the second time in eight months and Sony's support is just as bad as it has always been, so there is nothing he can do to record any PS5 videos at the moment (I remind you that PS5 games cannot be played with a PS4 controller). Sure you didn't know about that, but it's not like we usually offer no PS5 coverage. Last but not least, we don't own all the versions of the games we cover and davton and I have no access to the little money the website has to purchase anything (not that it would make sense to do so for games that were released years ago). Now that things have been cleared up, back to the main topic: Ayo the Clown ships on Nintendo Switch and on PC today and I'm very happy to share my thoughts about it now. Enjoy!