Blasphemous is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One and we're happy to share 2 long videos of the game on the first 2 systems we just mentioned. As you'll see, the main difference between both versions lies in the longer loading times (whenever there's a dark screen to load the scene scene) on Switch, but it's really not that big a deal in the end. Plus, if you decide to play Blasphemous on Nintendo's console, you'll be able to enjoy it nomad, which works very well with this title. Although we were sent early codes last week, it's been a bit difficult to reach the end of the game due to the number of other releases we have to cover this week, but we've seen the first third of the adventure on Switch and we're hooked. With its mix of Dark Souls (praying at altars replenishes your life and vials but enemies respawn as a result, death means gaining guilt which comes with a reduction of your power bar, shortcuts, art style, combat) and Castlevania (platforming sequences, puzzles, interconnected world, etc.), this game is a really engaging one to say the least and it doesn't hurt that it looks so great (the animations are amazing!). It's obviously challenging, but from what we've seen, its mechanics never are to blame, all you have to do is to "git good".