We've been wanting to show you Blue Fire for a while now but we couldn't find the time before now. The game was released on early February and if you're looking for a sort of mix between Zelda and Hollow Knight, you might want to take a few minutes of your time to check it out. Inside, you will find videos of the Nintendo Switch version and of the PC version. We have a preference for the 60 fps of the latter but playing the game in handheld mode on Nintendo's console poses no problem despite the JoyCon's usual lack of precision. Our footage should allow you to see if the 30 fps cap is an issue for you, but we think it plays very well this way too. On the 2 versions of the game we tried, we were sometimes a bit annoyed by some of the platform sequences but it really depended on how well we played to be honest. They can be a bit imprecise at times, at least in our opinion, but they never become an impossible obstacle to overcome. The 2 Switch videos shows the first 23 minutes of the adventure and the PC ones feature what comes after (with a bit more editing to only show the highlights). Enjoy!