If you own a Switch, you must have seen that the Nintendo eShop gets new content from the indie scene on a regular basis. Cave Story + may not be new to you if you've owned a DS, a 3DS, a Wii or a PC, but it has been released recently on Nintendo's new handheld and we have captured the first 40 minutes or so of the game. In case you have never heard of this title, it is a platform-adventure game in which your weapons can level up provided you collect the yellow triangles the enemies drop when you take them down. Much like in a shoot them up, you can gain more and more firepower (up to level 3), but every time you lose health, your weapon level gauge also diminishes, which means your equipped weapon can eventually level down. With power-ups to increase your health or the number of missiles you can carry, exploration is rewarded, which comes in handy when having to deal with the regular boss encounters. An excellent title if you don't mind its retro gaming style.