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While the Xbox One was already granted its own Fanatec steering wheel in 2015, Playstation 4 owners had to wait one more year to have a taste at a higher-end wheel. Since 2016, the German manufacturer has finally proposed a version of the CSL Elite which is officially compatible with Sony's console. For our first full-written review of 2017, we have decided to give you our detailed impressions on this (quite expensive) piece of hardware, with a bunch of off-screen videos showing the wheel in action and even a fully translated video review. Because it's a first on Gamersyde, we would love to hear what you think about this kind of article so we know if this review was well worth the efforts we've put into it. Enjoy!
Note: Many thanks to Tiz, who helped me make sure the translation was solid enough to share it with you.

GSY Video PS4

DriveClub has just welcomed bikes and here they are in Gamersyde quality in thèse four direct feed videos.

Trailer PS4

DriveClub Bikes has been revleaed by Evolution at Paris today. The title is available now (tomoroow in the US) as an expansion to the original game or as a standalone.
Update: trailer added.

GSY Video PS4

As promised, the replays have finally become available in DriveClub, as proven by four direct feed videos we just captured for your eyes only. The update is free and can be downloaded now.

Video PS4

The February update dropped yesterday weighting in at around 700MB which adds an extra tracks and 5 new cars. Kobago is located in Japan, it's very different from the other Japanese tracks as this track is much thinner and technically more depending. Anyway, I recorded a clockwise race during the day and the counter-clockwise race in the wet with.

Video PS4

As promised, Sony and Evolution released a brand new DriveClub environment for free, and quite a few people will be pleased to see it's Japan! First video inside, with more to come!
Update: Eight videos are now available! 4 Cockpit, no hud.

GSY Video PS4

No time to lose this morning as the long awaited weather update of DriveClub is finally available. Here's a first video with horrible driving. More to come as soon as possible.
Update 6: Two blizzard videos added to finish today's coverage!

GSY Review PS4

It’s all about motor-sports here at the end of 2014 and, after Xbox One’s most recent outing, it’s time to look at PlayStation 4’s exclusive and aptly named DriveClub. After a burst of videos and no less than two live streams, Gamersyde is finally ready to pass judgment on Evolution Studios latest racer. While the review comes with a new set of 1080p videos, among other details, but we’re also happy to announce that we’ll be holding another live stream on launch day starting at 10:15 pm where we can answer any additional questions. Due to time constraints the full review is only available on the French side of Gamersyde but do enjoy the new videos and our conclusion below.

GSY Live PS4

As usual, you can now enjoy the replay of yesterday's livestream which was focused on DriveClub. Should you find enough courage to listen to us in French, there are two different streams you can watch inside. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and tell us what you think of our performance (and by that I don't mean my terrible driving skills). Once again, we had to improvise since Sony gave us the green light at noon yesterday and it was completely unexpected.

Video PS4

It's quite a bit in a hurry that we are releasing these few videos of DriveClub, freshly captured and showing what Sony allowed us from the chosen cars within the Super and Hyper Sport categories. Since we had to do this very quickly, don't expect any kind of driving demonstration. Also we will do a GSY Live tonight at 10:00PM (CEST) showing a bit more of the game!
Note: Some of our videos are still encoding, and will be added to this news a bit later in the day.
Note 2: Considering the number and the size of videos, make sure you use bittorrent as much as possible.

About the game
Published by
Sony Computer En...
Developed by
Evolution Studios

$135 of $400 per month

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