If you're into beat'em ups and you play on PC, chances are you've already heard of Fight'N Rage, a tribute to the 80s/90s which was released on Steam 2 years ago. We missed it back then but the game is about to come out on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One so we didn't hesitate and we asked for a code. It turns out we were right to do so as the game is a lot of fun even in single player (up to 3 players total can kick 2D asses), with its retro visuals and punchy gameplay. There are different sorts of filters you can use to play but we've recorded our footage with the default one (CRT with scan lines). Don't worry if you prefer a cleaner image though, it's possible. The game is very smooth on Nintendo Switch, so kudos on BitWorks for the port, and it actually is deeper than we thought in terms of combos. We advise you to try the training mode after you unlock it as it could teach you one thing or two. With alternate paths leading to different bosses, replayability seems rather good, so if you like what you see inside and you're a fan of the genre, you know what to do.