The survival genre is still very much alive and kicking, especially on PC. Forever Skies could be described as Subnautica in the sky. You evolve in a post-apocalyptic world where some toxic dust has modified our planet's ecosystem. Your first task is to get your airship running by building an engine and later a turbine to reach new heights. Your vehicle will take you from place to place but it will also serve as your lab and your home. Because it's a survival game, you will have to feed yourself, find drinkable water and avoid some of the viruses you might encounter. Your end goal is to find a cure to the disease that touches your family. There isn't much going on in terms of storytelling outside of the notes you find and the environment itself, so it's hard to know if the game will offer enough variety. Crafting is obviously very important and the different schematics you will find on your way will allow you to progress more easily, giving you some incentive to keep playing. Whether or not it will be enough to keep the players interested still remains to be seen as we haven't seen enough to know for sure. What we can say though is that, for now at least, it is a bit less engaging than Subnautica.