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Both the title and the image of this news should have brought back to you the sweet memory of Grand Raid Offroad, which became the pleasant but far from perfect Fuel. Unhappily Off-Road Driver isn't an open-world racer at all but it will offer you to take part in many off-road events all around the world. Let's hope that its physics engine and its driving will follow! Till then, here are two image galleries, a trailer and a press release.

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

Asobo and Codemasters released this new trailer of Fuel announcing the availability of the game's demo on PSN, XBLA and PC.

Trailer PC

Already available since few weeks on consoles, Fuel, the pretty cool racing game of Codemasters finally arrives on PC. The PC owners and freeride enthusiasts can now enjoy the races on the amazingly huge map created by Asobo. To celebrate this release, here come a new trailer and a few screenshots.

Video Xbox 360 PS3

This afternoon we organized with a few guys from the French forum an online freeride event in Fuel. We just start from a helipad on the map, and decide to go to another place we never saw before the straightest way possible. No roads unless it's in the way, we just go through forest, mountains, deserts, and have loads of fun. That's the way for me the game should be played, just for the sheer pleasure of exploration. Anyway, the first video is up, showing some parts of the first 30 minutes of the ride.
Update 2: Third and last part online, with some incredible vistas!

Video Xbox 360 PS3

Announced long ago under the name Grand Raid Offroad, Fuel is now available in quite a few countries. I've received the final PS3 build this morning and of course recorded a first 10. The first part is now up, with 2 more to come a bit later.
Update: Second part added.
Update 2: Third and last part is up.

Trailer Xbox 360 PS3

Codemasters released the launch trailer of Fuel.

Xbox 360 PS3

Codemasters and Asobo are visibly quite happy to announce that Fuel is the biggest console game every created with a playable field of 5,560 square miles (14400 km²). And as a way to celebrate their entry in the Guiness Book of record, 3 new screens are available.
Update: Some people wondered why there wasn't a video to prove their claim once and for all. Well, here it is!

Xbox 360 PS3

Fuel's release is next week, so it's about time we got to see more about what will be in the long term the most important feature of the game: The multiplayer mode. Trailer inside.

Xbox 360 PS3

Codemasters sends us three new screenshots of Fuel, the new racing game of Asobo Studio. Three screenshots rich of insanely large wheels vehicles and tough weather.

PC Xbox 360 PS3

Codemasters is showing off the Epic races of Fuel with these images and trailer. Looking nice.

About the game
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$224 of $400 per month

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