Trailer Xbox One PC

Available starting today with the Game Pass Ultimate and on September 10 for everyone else, Gears 5 celebrates its launch with this Elastic-produced trailer that showcases the threat coming from Sera and Kait herself.

GSY Video Xbox One PC

The embargo for Gears has been lifted for a few hours and if we're not on time, it's simply because we were only sent our copy a bit earlier today. Needless to say we can't tell you what the campaign is worth, having only played the first 15 minutes of the game. It is what we're going to show you now, on PC to begin with, but more coverage will come as soon as possible. Remember that those who have preordered the Ultimate edition or have subscribed to Ultimate Gamepass will be able to play as soon as tomorrow (9 p.m CEST) whereas the others will have to wait until September 10.
Update: One video added.

GSY Video Xbox One PC

In addition to our PC videos, here is Gears 5 captured on Xbox One X in 4K HDR.
Reminder: you need to watch our HDR videos on a compatible screen by downloading them or on our Youtube channel.

GSY Video Xbox One PC

Even though Driftwood and Davton went to sleep a bit after a super busy day at the Gamescom, the videos keep coming! So how about some Horde gameplay from Gears 5 to begin with?

GSY Video Xbox One PC

While the Gears 5 Tech Test was available last weekend, we took the opportunity to capture the Xbox One X version with more than 10 minutes in 4K and HDR.

Images Xbox One PC

Microsoft unveiled the release date of Gears 5 as well as Escape, a new game mode where three players plant a bomb in the hive and try to get out of it alive.
Update: Added the CG trailer in very high quality

Trailer Xbox One

Gears of War 5 was on of the centerpiece of Microsoft's press conference, and as expected the game looks quite good. Here it is in 4K high quality captured straight from MS's feed at the conference.

About the game
Published by
Microsoft Studios
Developed by
The Coalition

$224 of $400 per month

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