The new edition of Steam Next Fest has begun and so tons of demos have appeared ofr PC gamers like Harold Halibut, Lightyear Frontier, Homeworld 3, Pacific Drive, Outcast - A New Beginning, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, Voxlands and so much more. We're not going to cover all those games as we don't have the proper time to do so, but we wanted to share our footage of the INDIKA demo, which left us intrigued. Developed by a Russian studio that had to flee their country to settle in Kazakhstan in order to develop their game without having to fear the consequences, this new title will take us to an alternative 19th century Russia where religious visions are actually glimpses at a parallel world capable of affecting that of the characters. As the developers have decided to use their game to question the Russian Orthodox Church and the way it has affected Russians, it's obviously going to be quite a sensitive release. The game is clearly story-driven but it features puzzles and horrific elements. Its atmosphere seems quite unique and though not everything it does is perfect (the trial and error sequences are all the more frustrating as the loading times are a bit long), it's a project we want to follow now to see where it takes us. Not everyone will agree of course, but it remains an interesting attempt. Note that Polish publisher 11 Bit Studios has announced that part of the profits will be donated to the children of Ukraine.