Since we are part of the lucky ones to have received a Playstation VR kit before launch, we have been able to prepare a few videos to share our experience with some of the games that will be available on October 13. We also wanted to add impressions in English but we ran into unexpected problems with our capture equipment, so all we have now are gameplay videos of PlayStation VR Worlds. We will update the article, adding videos, and possibly impressions, later today, but for now, if you have any questions, just ask away in the comments!
Note: It is very important to know that the resolution of what the PS VR renders on the TV (so basically what we can capture) is lower than what the person using the headset can see. Don't believe that it looks as poor as that when you experience the whole thing. Obviously, don't expect HTC Vive/Occulus Rift quality either, PS4 and PS VR are much cheaper.
UPDATE 1: Rush of Blood videos added
UPDATE 2: Battlezone video added
UPDATE 3: Tumble VR videos added
UPDATE 4: Headmaster and Job Simulator videos added