Mari & Bayu - The Road Home is coming out today on Steam and we recorded the first 12 minutes of this co-op adventure, which can also be played alone. As you will see, the game looks pretty nice but the animations are a bit limited. What you won't be able to see though is that gameplay isn't always as precise as you'd like it to be, especially when having to blow on the feather where Mari is standing in order to help the small ant get past some of the obstacles that stand in her way. Some sequences are also a bit too tricky when played alone, though the checkpoint system is meant to be helpful in this regard (what happens is that previous actions are not reinitialized when you die, which means you don't have to interact with something after you've done it once). Performance is not perfect either on a PC but they're good enough to enjoy the game. On the other hand, don't play it on Steam Deck as fps can get (and stay) very low (between 10 to 20 fps as soon as you encounter Bayu).