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EA has sent the launch trailer of "Arrival", the last DLC for Mass Effect 2 which should make the link with the upcoming Mass Effect 3. You won't have to wait too long before playing this new DLC because it will be available today.

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Bioware and EA have announced the release date of the final Mass Effect 2 mission, Arrival. It will be on March 29 for 560MSP or 6€. PR and two screens inside.
Update: 2 screens added.

Images PC Xbox 360 PS3

Bioware has formally announced the next DLC of Mass Effect 2 entitled Arrival. Two screens for now, details will be coming soon.

First 10 minutes Xbox 360 PS3

Mass Effect 2 was finally released on Playstation 3 a bit more than a week ago and here is a video of this first class space opera. Instead of showing the real first 10 minutes of the adventure - that are in fact included in the demo which is available on PSN - we decided to show you the very first mission Shepard will have to complete with Cerberus. Needless to say that you should definitely get this game if you have not played ti yet.

Trailer PS3

The PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is coming so here is the usual launch trailer.

Press release PS3

Electronic Arts and Bioware have announced the release of Mass Effect 2 on PS3, planned for January 2011. This version of the game wil include some additional content. Till then, here is the announcement teaser.

Trailer PC Xbox 360

With the avalanche of big news coming from E3, we forgot to mention that Mass Effect 2's Overlord DLC was released two days ago on Xbox 360 and PC. If you still have not made up your mind, check out the trailer inside.

Video PC Xbox 360

Because a demo of Mass Effect 2 was released yesterday on Xbox 360 and PC, Bioware gives you a chance to catch up if your memory is closer to Swiss cheese than anything else. This video will remind you a bit of what happens in the first game, so I strongly advise you do not watch it if you have not played Mass Effect and intend to do so someday.

Video Xbox 360

Electronic Arts has announced a new DLC for Mass Effect 2 during its London showcase, entitled Overlord. In this new adventure composed of 5 missions, Shepard and his/her teammates will be dropped with their Hammerhead on a new planet where hazardous genetic experiments are done. The DLC is planned for a June release, and will offer more than 2 hours of play for only 560pts. But let's listen to its executive producer, Casey Hudson.

Trailer PC Xbox 360

The new DLC for Mass Effect 2 is available since few hours. For those who want to see more before buying this one, here is the trailer of the new squad member and master thief, Kasumi Goto. This downloadable content worth 560 Microsoft/Bioware points.

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