Minishoot' Adventures is probably a game that wasn't on your radar, even though a demo has been available on Steam for some time. To be honest, we hadn't heard of it either, but we don't regret asking for a review code as we really had a blast playing this Metroidvania x shoot 'em up game. If you've always wanted to try the bullet hell genre but never dared to, SoulGame's title is a very good entry as its normal mode is not too challenging. Two other modes are also available (easy and hard) to appeal to all sorts of players. The following video is our French review but we've added a full segment without any commentary so you can see the game in action (timecode: 05:49) but the best way to find out if it's for you is to give the demo a try. Considering it was made by a core team of two people, we're pretty impressed by what they have achieved. It should take you between 9/10 to 15 hours to complete so it's not too long, which is also a good thing in our book. That said, we got so hooked we wouldn't have minded a few more areas to explore. Aside from that, we loved all the game had to offer and we hope you will too.