In case you don't know, Gamersyde sometimes receives games we haven't requested, and though we do our best to cover them so you can get enough variety in terms of content, it's not always possible for us to either find the time to do so or we are not comfortable enough with the genre to dare. With Monster Jam Steel Titans 2, we can't say we had been particularly interested in Monster Trucks prior to being sent a PS4 review key, but because releases are pretty scarse these days we figured why not. This sequel adds a brand new online multiplayer mode and 5 new open maps to explore but it obviously features all the events the fans have come to expect from the Bigfoot as they are called. It's a shame no PS5 or Xbox Series X/S versions have been developed though, as framerate remains limited to 30 frames per second and resolution to 1080p, which clearly shows on a 4K screen. The game is still developed by Rainbow Studios (Splashdown on PS2 and the MX vs. ATV series) and it seems pretty effective as an arcade racer, but again, we're not seasoned Monster Truck drivers so don't take our opinion for granted. That being said, we're quite sure the fans of the first episode will be happy.