Monster Trcuk Championship was originally released on Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on OCtober 15 but Nacon's game is getting a next-gen (free) update today and we wanted to share some gameplay footage of the game running on Xbox Series X. As you will see, image quality is a lot better than that of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 on PS4, but the promised 60 fps framerate isn't as steady as we had hoped when facing other trucks (especially at the beginning of a race when in the pack). Blim's plugin seems to indicate it is pretty solid but it doesn't really feel this way when playing. Xbox Series X owners might be able to get rid of the issue if their TV is VRR compatible though. Aside from the performance and visual boost, the game hasn't changed (the PS5 version doesn't add any specific DualSense features) and Monster Truck lovers seem to have welcomed it quite warmly back when it launched.