Forget the usual FIA vs. PES face-off, don't mind the failed return of Kick Off, Pixel Cup Soccer 17 has reached Early Access on Steam and it's a promising gateway to local multiplayer fun. Uruguayan developer Batovi Games Studio intends to improve their game after a first release on iOS last June so that PC players can also enjoy some retro arcade soccer/football. Online multiplayer, better AI and the addition of referees (and red and yellow cards) are among the things they have planned, but even in its curent state, their title is a lot of fun. Many competitions are already available (the Olympics, the World Cup, the Euro Championship, etc.), along with the possibility to play male or female teams (even against one another), a good selection of stadiums, 3 different weather conditions to choose from, and even the game's speed (slow/normal/fast/super fast). As the game should be released by the end of this year, the developers have plenty of time left to polish what needs to be polished, so like we said, it is promising to say the least.