The all-new Playstation Plus has been available in Europe and North America for a bit more than a week now and we've had the time to see what the Premium offer has in store for us. Added to the list of 400 PS5 and (mostly) PS4 games included in the Playstation Plus Extra, Premium members get access to Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 games they can easily download, but they also stream a library of PS3 titles (note they are not available for download). PS4 games can also be streamed obviously. Added to that, there is a Remaster category in which you can find The Last of us Remastered, The BioShock Collection, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, Bulletstorm, the Wipeout Omega Collection, Gravity Rush, the Uncharted Collection including the first three episodes, les first three Batman Arkham games (until Origins, Knight was never remastered), the first two Darksiders and even the true remakes of the first Resident Evil and Mafia. For now, unless you're really interested in the remasters, the Premium subscription doesn't seem that appealing and retro games are very few and many iconic titles are still missing.
Note: The mike we used for the video review was the GXT255+ Onyx from Trust.