After the success that Myst was back in 1993, its sequel Riven, which came out four years later, had quite a yardstick to measure up. Overall, it was just as warmly welcome as the first game, and some might even said it achieved its goal to raise the bar with flying colors. Many players found it way too difficult to complete though, but at the end of the day, it became another classic adventure game by Cyan. Twenty seven years later, the original studio is back with a true remake that not only revamps all the visuals, but also features new puzzles and even some variation in terms of progression and events. It's still a very slow-paced game, with some necessary backtracking, the obligation to take real notes (or screenshots) to progress, and in this regard, it's very faithful to the original. Now obviously some people will find it too difficult compared to what we're used to seeing these days in the video game industry, but if what you're looking for is a good challenge, this is clearly one of he best remakes out there.