RUNNER may not have appeared on Gamersyde until now but it was released on the PlayStation VR2 at launch. What we love about it is that it has both an immersive game world set in a cyberpunk manga-like universe and very dynamic gameplay mechanics that require skills. Purchasing the game includes access to an interactive visual novel that can be played on PS5 as well as a VR application which allows you to listen to the game's soundtrack. The developers have also added a co-op mode in which the second player controls the bike a controller. It can be played via the social screen (the television where the game is displayed) in third person view . It's an excellent idea which makes it possible to share the experience while having two very distinct roles. When playing alone, there is definitely some challenge, both to reach the end of the different levels and to get a decent rank when completing them. It's clearly a very good pick if you have the PlayStation VR2 (or the Meta Quest 2), but don't worry, the game is also planned on Steam if you own another VR headset. For €14.99/$14.99, it's a title we can clearly recommend.