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We've been waiting for Scorn to be released for quite a long time but the wait will soon be over as we just learnt that it will come out on October 21 on Xbox consoles and PC. A new trailer was shown today so here it is in its YouTube version...
Update: Commented gameplay video added (still YouTube though).

Trailer Xbox Series X PC Xbox One

Some players were hoping Scorn would be ready for the release of Xbox Series X last year but Ebb Software didn't want to rush things out and wanted us to enjoy a polished experience. They just announced that their game won't come out before October 2022, which should give them enough time to offer us what we expect.
Update: 5 screens added.

Trailer Xbox Series X PC

Here is in good quality the 14-minute gameplay video of Scorn, the atmospheric horror game from Ebb Software. The footage, captured on Series X, shows the improvements made on the same area shown in the 2017 trailer as well as a new location. The game is planned to release in 2021.

Trailer Xbox Series X

During today's Xbox 20/20 Inside Xbox episode, atmospheric horror title Scorn showcased a new trailer and indie studio Ebb Software announced the game will be "exclusive to Xbox Series X at game launch". Get the trailer and screens inside.

Trailer PC

Announced a couple of years ago, Scorn from Ebb Software shows its Giger-esque atmospheric horror with a new trailer (available in very high quality inside). The title is a first-person horror adventure game that will be released in two parts with the first "DASEIN" due in 2017 for PC. You can vote for it on Steam Greenlight, more details after the jump.

About the game
Published by
Ebb Software
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Ebb Software

$135 of $400 per month

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