Skara The Blade Remains is a Free 2 Play under development whose ambition is to propose the first ever Multiplayer Online Versus game with a rich background worthy of a real RPG. You'll find more details about 8-Bit-Studio's title on the game's Kickstarter page, but we had a chance to try it ourselves and the April build we played is not really convincing yet. Graphics-wise, Skara looks great even though the 10 people team has just been working with Unreal Engine 4 for 8 months. Gameplay on the other hand is too clunky and slow at this stage to get us excited, but if the developers manage to make the combat system more dynamic and responsive, it might be worth checking out later. A new build should be available soon, so hopefully we'll see some improvements over the one we played. For now, make sure to watch the video we captured as it shows the two arenas which are available in the game at the moment.