The Sword and Fairy series has existed in China for almost 27 years but Sword and Fairy 7 is coming out in the West this week on Playstation hardware. It is now called Sword and Fairy: Together Forever and it has been fully translated into English. No ray tracing to be seen on PS5 though, but the game runs at 60 fps. That said, despite the fact that we recorded the following footage in 4K, the resolution of the game seems to be limited to 1080p. It still looks pretty nice, though not exactly on par with what AAA titles can do. The soundtrack is excellent and the story and atmosphere are undeniably appealing from the looks of it. The combat system is not perfect, mainly because if the camera at times, but overall it works well enough from what we've seen in the first two hours. We have captured extracts from the first two hours of the adventure on Playstation 5 if you're curious to see if you might like it.