Although it's hard to find real new releases on PlayStation VR 2, games regularly come out on the system and it's true we don't always have time to cover them all. Therefore, here is a bunch of titles which have been released since last summer. Inside, you will find footage of Pixel Ripped 1995, Tennis On-Court, Green Hell VR, Hubris, Red Matter and Red Matter 2. Except for the second one, which didn't really feel really satisfying (especially since the auto movement feature is buggy), they're all worth your time. Clearly, the last three are the most impressive visually (in terms of graphics or image quality) but the first one is a nice surprise as it relies heavily on the nostalgia of the 90s. As for Green Hell, it doesn't need any specific introduction as it's certainly the best-known of the bunch. Graphically, it's nothing special really, but the story mode seems engaging enough if you're into survival games. Note that there are several difficulty settings and the less challenging ones deactivate pretty much everything that can be stressful. Now if you ask us the three games we preferred in the list, we would have to go for Pixel Ripped 1995, Red Matter and Red Matter 2.