After the scandal that Tennis World Tour was, Nacon is back with a sequel unsurprisingly entitled Tennis World Tour 2. The team behind the game has changed though, as this time it is Big Ant Studios, known for the AO Tennis series. The result is undeniably better than the previous episode, but it is still an imperfect tennis game. For starters, we cannot say we like the assists that help move the player we are supposed to control, it feels like being on autopilot and it's weird. Despite that, the player movements lack the dynamism and reactivity we should expect from professional tennis players. Because of that, we've missed the ball way too many times while it seemed perfectly possible for our player to get is, had he decided to move more quickly. It might be us of course, maybe we're just not patient enough to learn the basics, but we haven't had much fun playing and we've felt more frustration than satisfaction.