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Video games adapted from movies usually are to be avoided at all costs, but sometimes we are pleasantly surprised. The Amazing Spider-Man is one of those games, and though it has some flaws, it is also a very fun title to play. Web-swinging around New York is incredibly addictive, even when simply looking for comics pages. Obviously, the side-quests should have been more varied, and there is still room for improvement in the technical department, but overall it's a nice combination of open world gameplay and more straightforward sequences in which Spidey can fight his way to his objective, or decide to lay low and sneak in. Beenox sure borrowed a lot from the Arkham games, but we have enjoyed every single bit of this new Spider-Man adventure.
Note: Activision just announced that the PC version will be released on August 10 in Europe - so most probably on August 7 in North America.

Developer Diary Xbox 360 PS3

Navigate through Manhattan with this new gaemplay video of The Amazing Spider-Man, commented by executive producer Brent Nicholas. Plus new screens showcasing two vilains: Black Cat and Vermin.

Trailer Xbox 360 PS3

Here comes a new vilain for The Amazing Spider-Man. Watch Scorpion trying to defeat Spidey in the newest trailer as well as new screens.

Trailer Xbox 360 PS3

New trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man that shows spidey's agility in Manhattan. The game is coming out in June.

Trailer Xbox 360 PS3

Spidey's playground is shown in this new trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man as well as new screenshots. Also a first look at a new villain: Iguana. Due for release in June.

Trailer Xbox 360 PS3

The Amazing Spider-Man reveals Aleksei Sytsevich aka the Rhino with a trailer and three screenshots. The game from Beenox Studios will hit stores this Summer.

Images Xbox 360 PS3

Beenox Studios has dopped one screenshot for The Amazing Spider-Man. The game's set to release in Summer.

Press release Xbox 360 PS3

Back to Manhattan with free-roaming and web-slinging, The Amazing Spider-Man has been officially announced by Activision. The game will be an epilogue story that occurrs after the events of the movie. PR and an artwork inside.

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