A little while back, we were sent a preview code for The Persistence but we were so busy that we couldn't try it before today. If the name rings a bell, it's because this survival horror game was originally released 2 years ago on Playstation VR, but it is now coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch as a non-VR title. A PC version will also come out the same day on May 21, but it will quite logically be compatible with VR headsets. From what wev'e played, Firesprite Ltd's title nails the atmosphere of the sci-fi survival horror genre but it has not been able to fully convince us yet. The roguelike aspect of the game means it can get a bit repetitive despite the fact that is features a storyline. Every time you die, a new body is printed so you can continue your investigation but the spaceship's configuration changes, leaving you with no other choice than to progress carefully. All the character or power upgrades you unlock are for you to keep, along with the chips (the in-game money), the tokens (needed to unlock weapons in the fabricators you find on your way) and the stem cells (allowing you to improve your health, toughness and defensive abilities) you ahve collected. Exploration and stealth work pretty well in the game, but despite the numerous weapons we have found, we can't say the shooting mechanics are particularly convincing, let alone melee combat. Maybe we'll change our mind after seeing more of the game, but until then check out our gameplay videos and let us know what you think.