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Tonight, we are taking you on a journey which will include two stops. The first one will be at the other end of the universe in the hostile world of The Solus Project, while the second will have us face the harsh cold of the Canadian blizzard in Kona. Both games share a taste for exploration and storytelling and mix survival mechanics, which is exactly why we thought covering them together made perfect sense. If you are the adventurer type, then join us at around 10:15 p.m. CET.
Update: Replaay is up, be curious!

Trailer PC Xbox One

Currently on GOG Games in Development, Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview, The Solus Project has received an update that adds a new large island along with the biggest cave system yet. The content should provide for 3 to 4 hours of additional gameplay.

GSY Video Xbox One

The Solus Project is now available on Xbox One in its preview version, so here are 2 gameplay videos captured during the first act. We hope that the framerate issues we have encountered will be corrected in the final version, although this will not prevent you from enjoying the unique atmosphere of the game. Thanks to Xbox for the digital version.

GSY Video PC Xbox One

The Early Access for The Solus Project has been available for a week now and with Far Cry Primal behind us, we can finally propose a series of videos from the PC version. To be honest, we had no particular expectations regarding the game, but its immersive atmosphere and excellent sound design had us hooked in a matter of minutes. Those familiar with survival games might find the beginning of the adventure surprisingly linear, but it's a price we are willing to play to have a deep interesting story to follow. We'll see how the rest of the game unfolds, but for now, we can only advise you to keep a close eye on this project.

Trailer PC Xbox One

The Solus Project is now available in Early Access if you are interested in the game and you want to support the developers. A new trailer has just been released if you're still unsure.

Developer Diary PC Xbox One

Here is a new developer video for The Solus Project that deals with the exploration part in the game and the many secrets from Gliese-6143-C. The title will launch on GOG Games in Development and Steam Early Access on February 18 as well as Xbox One Game Preview on Feb. 26th.

Developer Diary PC Xbox One

Here is a game introduction of The Solus Project, the survival-adventure game from GRIP and Teotl Studios. It takes place on a deserted alien planet and offers a linear experience through 10 complex environments. The title will hit PC and Xbox One in early February.

Video PC Xbox One

Revealed at E3 2015, the survival game The Solus Project gets an 8 minute-long gameplay video. Stranded on an alien planet, the player will face challenges, harsh environments and merciless weather while trying to send a message home and save the human race. It will be out in early 2016 for PC and Xbox One.

Trailer PC Xbox One

Survival game The Solus Project from indies GRIP Games and Teotl Studios will hit PC and Xbox One in early 2016. Trailer and screens inside.

About the game
Published by
GRIP Games
Developed by
Teotl Studios

$135 of $400 per month

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