Video PC Xbox One

TitanFall is back with a new video of his third DLC: IMC Rising. This additional content provides us 3 new maps: Rice, Zone 18 and Desert. It will be available on September 25th on Xbox One and PC.

Trailer PC Xbox One Xbox 360

The first content pack for TitanFall, Expedition shows off the 3 new maps (Runoff, Swamplands and Wargames) in this trailer. You can purchase the game season pass or buy this DLC alone for $9.99 when it will be available later this month for Xbox One and PC and in June for Xbox 360.

Video Xbox One Xbox 360

We were recently sent a copy of the Xbox 360 version of TitanFall by Xbox so if you want to compare the gap between all the versions that are now available, just go ahead!

GSY Video PC Xbox One

The much awaited TitanFall is now available in North America and in two days in Europe, so we offer you some PC videos in 1080p60 on three maps different from the beta. More videos will be added this week and videos of the Xbox One version should be online this evening, or tomorrow.
Update: Added 3 videos from the Campaign mode, still from the PC version.

GSY Video Xbox One

As promised here are our videos of TitanFall this time running on Xbox One. These were recorded on a new account, so don't expect any advanced weapons or perks. 5 to 6 videos 2 come, starting with these two.

Trailer PC Xbox One Xbox 360

Be ready for a fast-paced titan warfare as TitanFall is ready to hit PC and Xbox One on March 11th (360 version coming on March 25).
Update: Added the 60 fps version of the trailer.

GSY Video PC Xbox One Xbox 360

Final batch of videos from the TitanFall PC Beta. This time we offer you two videos of the Last Titan Standing game mode in which each player has only one life and starts each round in a Titan, the goal being to destroy every Titans of the opposite team and win four rounds. A third video shows a few minutes of gameplay aboard the Stryder Titan (obtained via a burn card), an agile and quick Titan, but not that tough.

GSY Video Xbox One

As announced by Microsoft the February patch for the Xbox One is being deployed right now on all consoles in the world. One the many changes, and an announced that too, is the disabling of the much decried sharpening effect used when scaling games running at a sub 1080p resolution, leading to a much more natural image! I've recorded this quick video showing the before and after patch image quality of the Angel City map in TitanFall, just running around a bit.

GSY Video PC Xbox One Xbox 360

As BlimBlim said in the Xbox One news, we also received a PC code for TitanFall beta. Here is a first video in 1080p and 60 fps, more to come.
Update: Added 5 new videos in Hardpoint mode (domination), using different classes and loadouts.
Note: Frame drops are caused by the capture software.

GSY Video Xbox One

We just received codes for the Xbox One and PC betas of TitanFall, and spent our lunch break playing it. Lots of fun, but sadly we encountered yet another Gamersyde patented technical issue, and have only a few mostly useless minutes of video captured. We'll try again tonight, but in the meantime here are 30 seconds of super brutal Titan gameplay, recorded at 60 fps by our friend Zepitou.
Update 2: Added a second gameplay video, showing a bit more of the Angel City map gameplay.

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