We've been following the development of Tomb Raider The Dagger of Xian, a Tomb Raider 2 remake by a French fan, for a while, but sadly couldn't manage to download the recent demo as all our attempts to do so remained vain. Thanks to Sdarts, I finally put my hands on the game and, as a long time fan longing for a return to Lara's true roots, I must say I am impressed. First of all, the game looks gorgeous, but more importantly, it brings back Tomb Raider to what it was, a game in which you had to read the environment to figure out where to go, a game where you could die if you failed a jump. The original combat system is also back, which won't please everyone as the wildlife of the demo seems particularly upset with Lara. I really hope the project will be achieved someday and that it won't be shut down because of some copyrights issues. I even think Square-Enix would be well-advised to support the game's developer because this is looking more promising than many of the official remakes we've seen in the past few years.