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Trials Evolution Gold Edition is finally available on PC, this version includes the two games and their DLC that came out on Xbox 360 first. Thus we offer you not less than eight videos from several trial races.

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Other release of the week, the Gold version of Trials Evolution is shown in pictures and video. This expanded version only comes out on the PC and you'll soon be able to appreciate the differences with the console version because Gamersyde videos will come quickly.

Trailer PC Xbox 360

PC players will finally get their hands on the Gold Edition of Trials Evolution on March 21. Here is the French version of the trailer, since that's the only version we've been sent.

Trailer Xbox 360

The Riders of Doom are here to make you explore the land of "Big Sands" through 40 new tracks. Plus a new motorcycle and 10 new skill games. This new content for Trials Evolution costs 400MSP.

Trailer Xbox 360

Today, RedLynx announced the forthcoming release of Trials Evolution : Riders of Doom, the second DLC for the Xbox Live Arcade game. The DLC will be available this December to download for 400 Microsoft Points. The Riders of Doom offering 40 new tracks set in The Big Sand Lands – a new environment inspired by the end of the world, that gamers will see build up and tear down throughout levels – and a powerful motorbike dubbed the Banshee to add to the Trials garage. The new downloadable content will also feature hundreds of new editor objects expanding the already robust level editor. Gamer’s mettle will also be put to the test in ten brand new Skill Games, including an endless series of generated extreme obstacles.

Trailer PC Xbox 360

Announced in early September, the DLC Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain is available on Xbox Live with the launch trailer for all. For 400 MSP, you get access to 36 tracks and a brand new BMX Bike mode.

Trailer Xbox 360

If you are a Trials Evolution fan, you will be glad to hear that upcoming DLC Origin of Pain will be available this Fall on Xbox Live for only 400 Microsoft Points. That's not all, ubisoft also announced that the game is coming to PC in a gold edition which will include Evolution and the first Trials too. Now will it be enough to make up for years of DRM and bad PC ports?

First 10 minutes Xbox 360

As you may know, I'm a huge fan of Trials HD, so the release of Trials Evolution was a good excuse for me to finally do something on Gamersyde after a long time and record some videos. Needless to say Trials Evolution is an amazing game, perfect gameplay with an incredible level editor that will without a doubt make the game almost endless. What else could we ask for? Nothing much really! The second and third videos are showing replays from the best worldwide players as of yesterday evening.

Trailer Xbox 360

Ubisoft and RedLynx give us a trailer that details the impressive map editor of Trials Evolution. For a complete guide, check the devs' tutorials here. The game will be available to download on Xbox Live Arcade on April 18 for 1200MSP.

Trailer Xbox 360

Ubisoft has released a brand new gamelay trailer for Trials Evolution that showcases what the digital title will feature: 60 solo track, 10 wild skills game, customization and online/local mutliplayer. Coming April 18.

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