How about a little bit of nostalgia to open the last week of January? Turrican Flashback is out today on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch and it features the first 2 games released on Atari ST and Amiga 500 as well as Mega Turrican (the Genesis/Megadrive version) and Super Turrican (the Super Nes one). We're showing the game on Switch today, a console that is perfectly fit for retro titles. Graphically, it is true that those iconic titles show their age today but gameplay-wise, they are actually very solid, despite the fact that you obviously still cannot aim. The implementation of a rewind system makes it way easier to apprehend the games, especially the first 2, which were a bit stingy when it came to health items compared to the console adaptations. A bunch of graphics filters are also available, though we must say we prefer the "raw" visuals. Check out our video and share your memories of your long lost childhood in the comments!