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After a difficult release on PS4, the promising Vane is back on PC with more stable performance overall. On our setup though (a 4K LG OLED TV, i9 9900K and RTX 2080 Ti) hiccups still happen in 4K and lowering the resolution causes the game to have even bigger horizontal black borders on top and at the bottom of the screen. It most certainly won't be the case if your monitor (or TV) is 1080p or 1440p, but for us it's not ideal clearly. Since its PS4 release, the game has been improved in certain areas but we still encountered moments when the main character would fall through a platform (it can be seen in the second video) and when the textures would start shaking in a very oddly fashion. It's a shame really as the game's art style is undeniably its strong suit. As for the rest, we fear it might not be enough to compensate for the emptiness of the world, the awkward controls and the sometimes frustrating game design.
Note: The following videos were recorded in 1080p while the game was running in 4K.

GSY Video PS4

Just like Ueada's productions that it tries to pay tribute to, Vane took its time to arrive in its final version, to the point many even doubted it would eventually come out. Although it is still too soon for us to tell you if the game was well worth the wait, be aware that it clearly isn't meant for everyone. To begin with, you'll need to accept the total absence of any giuding system, which means you'll have to figure out what to do and where to go by yourself. Then, you'll also have to be patient, as the game's pace is obviously very slow. Last but not least, you'll need to accept that, just like The Last Guardian in its days, Friend & Foe's title is far from being perfect in the technical department. Framerate isn't smooth despite the 2.40:1 aspect ratio chosen by the developers, the camera and the character's handling can be annoying and we have already witnessed a few bugs.

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    nostradamus @MikeManiac61: did you play dark souls? did you roll like a mad man? did you play GoW? did you wall-run like a madman? then you Vanquished, my friend. (11 Hours ago)

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    MikeManiac61 Always wanted to try Vanquish, I always saw it pop many times but never played attention to it. (15 Hours ago)

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    nostradamus i need to platinum death stranding to start something new. fuck this game. (17 Hours ago)

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    Seth @GangstaNip: Vanquish with 60 fps is fucking amazing. I already have both games on 360 and PC, but got the collection because of the steelbook, which is thing of beauty. ^^ (3 Days ago)

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    GangstaNip Back to Bayonetta, this time on PS4. Gameplay definitely holds up and still fun. Graphics don't Gunning for the Platinum of course and then on to Vanquish hopefully by next week. (3 Days ago)

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    KORNdog That west of dead game looks pretty nice. Mike Mignola looking art. Very stylish. (5 Days ago)

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