After our disappointing experience with Those Who Remain a few weeks ago, we were a bit wary when launching What Happened, a game developed by 2 young developers who wanted to dive into the psyche of a troubled teenager. Thankfully, we were pleasantly surprised by what they have achieved in terms of art style, visuals and atmosphere. It clearly isn't a game for everyone as it deals with pretty hard themes like suicide, depression and addiction to drugs, but it reminded us of the brilliant way Blooper Team made Layers of Fear, which is quite the compliment. Character models are not incredibly detailed but they do the job and some might find the voice actors a bit average, but other than that it seems to be a very promising package. We have recorded more than 30nminuites of gameplay so you can get a taste of the game, the first 2 show the first 26 minutes of the adventure while the third features a sequence which takes place after roughly 90 minutes of gameplay. Enjoy!