Back in 2020, we failed to cover the release of the XIII remaster by Microïds and it was probably for the best as the game was plagued with bugs and different sorts of problems. This week finally saw the release of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S update. From what we've seen, the issues the game had when it first launched have indeed been ironed out and the game now runs at 60 fps. We haven't noticed any slowdowns yet but the choice to keep a rather low resolution (1080p from the looks of it) is disappointing on current hardware. Image quality takes a bit of a hit as a result, which is a shame as cel shaded games can look pretty good in 4K. The publisher and devs mentioned improved AI and though we can't compare with the 2020 version, don't expect it to be smarter than in the original 2003 title. The game is a remaster after all, so it's quite normal that it should be a bit stiff when compared to today's first person shooters. It certainly shows in the video but some might like this old school feel. As for us, we really enjoyed the original game back in the days, but today it really has aged in terms of gameplay and voice acting, but also in the way the different scenes are staged. Check out the video to see if there's still a chance for you to enjoy this video game adaptation famous comic book series.