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Persona 4 Golden is now available on PC and you can watch our 1440p video now on Gamersyde. If you neved played it before and you like J-RPGs, you will discover a fantastic history and some great characters added to a really satisfyng gameplay.

Commented on 2020-07-01 15:38:36
I 100% completed Persona 4 on PlayStation 2 about 10 years ago, a true masterpiece. No spoilers, but the ending made me cry a lot - same with Persona 3 FES' ending.

By the end, these don't feel like characters, but actual people you got to know and love through the course of what feels like both a long and a short time, all at the same time.

Persona games are just magical to experience and when it's done, you want to dive all in again just to get back with your friends. I'm really tempted to play it since I never played the Golden version, but the ache... to experience that joy and sadness again. Damn, they got me. Frack!

Now to wait for Persona 5 on PC, Atlus said they were very pleased with the sales of Persona 4 Golden on Steam and the user scores are Overwhelmingly Positive at 96%. This means it's a success both commercially and critically for both Atlus and Sega. I just don't see them not doing it. It's not like Skies of Arcadia... which Sega maybe never will remaster. Can't have everything.
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Commented on 2020-07-03 04:58:16
Oh yesss! Atlus graced us with P4G on PC, it’s not wrong to wish for P5R, right???

I agree with you. Persona games are so many things at once but Atlus made it work. It has the best dating sim, visual novel, RPG, and free-roaming mechanics that I have ever seen on any game. Even Persona 3 Portable, with all its limitations, has a very interesting cast of side-characters!
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