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Miguel is back in the showfloor and he's stooped at the Ubisoft booth to bring you bacl some gameplay footgae of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which was announced a couple of days ago during the conference. Despite what we may think of the video toy concept, we must say the game's visuals seem pretty nice. Snowdrop can do a lot more than snowy Manhattan it seems.

Commented on 2017-06-15 14:01:29
The gameplay and idea is really great, and I liked everything I saw. Also, the gameplay seems to be much better than No Man's Sky's. But the fact that you're confined to the spacecraft and can't walk around is a bummer. Skulls & Bones has the same problem - you control the ship, but can't go on land or even walk around your own ship.

As for the replacing parts mechanic, it's really great, but as seen in the two videos, you either have to go far away in order to replace parts or you stay in battle and take damage.

And since that changing pilot, spacecraft and/or parts takes much more time in real life, it's definitely something that those which have the digital items will have a bigger advantage. Not to mention it will be a much more convenient and practical way to play the game.

Which leads to my next two points. If having the physical items is worse than having the digital ones, why even have them?! It's something that will take space and is inconvenient to use.

And then there's the fact that these items, whether in physical or digital form, are essentially micro-transactions. Now imagine that if you just buy the game, which I believe it will be $40-60, but don't want to spend more money on it, you won't have those items which could help defeat enemies faster and more efficiently.

I know that this type of business model is the standard with these games, and that's exactly why I never played Disney Infinity, Skylanders, etc. These games' focus are more in selling physical items than the core game itself.

Which is fine for children, which is the target audience and they can play with the toys and statues. But if you don't care about toys and statues, you're looking at a $40-60 game of which the main focus is micro-transactions. This is the real problem imho.
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If it's always online it can go suck a d***
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