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The RE Engine is back in HDR on Gamersyde with the excellent Devil May Cry 5 in its PC version. In today's menu, you will have the famous opening cinematic of the first mission, the one that just follows in which Nero and Nicoletta save a cop from a horrible death and in the last video, we're showing just a little of gameplay.

Commented on 2020-04-17 15:35:00
This game looks gorgeous. I'm still baffled by how much beautiful it looks, sometimes it feels like real-time CG animation. Below is some insight into how much time and technologies were used in Devil May Cry 5:

"Unlike its predecessor, the MT Framework, the RE Engine includes a variety of new graphical and rendering techniques such as Subsurface Scatters (a shader method used to produce highly realistic human skin), Dynamic shadows, FXAA + TAA, Shadow cache, moreover, rendering techniques include the ability to output 4K Resolution, HDR, a VR specific mode, among others.

Dante's 3D photoshoot (body) for Devil May Cry 5. The costumes the characters wear in the game are crafted in real life then 3D scanned with the actor cast as the face model wearing it.

On the other hand, the RE Engine enabled the developers to have photorealistic rendering and realistic shading. Characters, clothing and objects are scanned via a 3D photoshoot. According to Capcom's 2018 Annual Report, the latest facial technology developed by the Serbian company called 3Lateral was used for the character expressions in Devil May Cry 5. Also in the same game, models were cast in England for the main characters and real costumes were created from scratch, after makeup is applied, the models cast for each character are scanned as 3D objects while wearing the costumes.

For Devil May Cry 5, the clothing in particular were created in London and scanned in Serbia. Making Nero's new jacket alone cost as much as a small car, however his accessories were not scanned. The Devil May Cry van in the game took more than a year to make, the developers would even joke at the van feeling like a character due to how much time they spent on it, additionally, the writing on the van is the artist's own handwriting, including the blue neon sign.

The engine itself differs from its predecessor in terms of file formats and the whole game data is packed into a .PAK archive, making modifications a bit less comfortable."

Resident Evil Wiki - RE_Engine:

Really incredible stuff, but that's a lot of time and resources that most AAA developers will - understandably - not do. Specially for a van.

Assassin's Creed: Unity was the same, specially the Dead Kings DLC, which I remember playing it at the time and being awe struck of how beautiful it looks. It even surpassed that infamously fake Watch Dogs' E3 demo. Probably the game with the most CG like real gameplay graphics of all time.

I still wonder what we could have gotten if Ubisoft had followed down that path, graphically wise. Like what would a Unity released in 2020 look like!? Maybe Cyberpunk 2077 will be that on PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Can't wait to see what the RE Engine will accomplish on the next gen consoles.
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