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While you'll have to wait a few more days to see BioShock: The Collection on consoles (2K just sent us the collection by the Post so it's very unlikely we'll receive it before the weekend), here's a chance to go back to rapture via the remastered PC version. We decided to use DSR4K to record our footage, though it does not make much of a difference compared to 1080p. Enjoy the videos!

Commented on 2016-09-16 17:52:25
Will have to check this out when it goes down in price in a sale later. It was nice of them to include the 2nd game too, for Rapture lovers especially.

Now if only the Arkham Collection had Origins included. But maybe the port team just weren't ready to bring over that very large, bug riddled city map from that game though. :)
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Commented on 2016-09-17 06:57:24 In reply to andrewsqual
Maybe you should wait, yes.
At least till they patch it up since the pc version is a mess right now.
On console it's fine but the sound design and volume is kinda funky at times and there's texture popping glitches in lots of places.

As for Arkam Collection i'm sad origins isn't included since it has the best story of the series. That batsuit is cool too.
but yeah, those collections tend to be buggier than the original product and i don't want origins to come back even worse.
Still have those games on ps3 just as the Bioshock ones. Just in case.
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Commented on 2016-09-17 16:27:52 In reply to syder
Just read the users' reviews on Steam and some discussions' threads, sometimes it's really hard to believe how badly some PC versions end up.

These "remasters" even have the same bugs that were patched in the original games, it's like they just worked using the unpatched vanilla versions instead of the latest patched versions.

And in a lot of areas the "remasters" look worse than the originals, while in others it looks better, so it's not an overall better looking game, but a mix of best and worst looking.

Thankfully, the original games are still available instead of being replaced completely - like other games were when a remaster came out, so one can play or replay the original games patched to the latest fix knowing they aren't losing much - if anything at all.

It's really unbelievable how bad some PC ports are, seriously unbelievable. I'm not a software developer, but having learned at college how to code - and how not to code - it's really hard to believe in any other reason than "incompetence" for these badly ported games.

Perhaps these companies' main staff is composed of bad professionals who were bad students at college, or are paid so little with poor benefits that they just don't care at all if the work they're doing has quality or not and how it will affect customers who buy it.

Either way, this shit needs to stop as soon as possible, because right now so many bad PC ports are being released one after the other that it's really hard not to think that it has become a trend in developing PC ports. Like a "don't worry about the PC version, it doesn't matter" mentality.
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Commented on 2016-09-17 17:19:23
Yeah, bro. Still encountering the same bugs for Bioshock 2, graphic or display settings change to default once you leave the game. Really annoying, thought they would fix this by now.
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Commented on 2016-09-17 23:32:00 In reply to MikeManiac61
Yes, both remasters have a lot of problems, not only those from the original unpatched vanilla versions, but also new ones from the remasters, which is a very unique situation I don't think I have ever seen before in a remaster.

What's worse is that some of the solutions/fixes for many of the problems in the remasters' versions are ones users made and shared with everyone including the developers and 2K many years ago, in the case of BioShock 1 that's 9 years ago!!!

For example, the remasters' horrible mouse acceleration and smoothing can be fixed by a solution from an user posted on 2K's official forums in 2007!


Another solution for the remaster crashing every 5 minutes is to launch the game in Administrator mode with a 640 x 480 resolution, which while it works, makes the desktop and all other applications run at that resolution, which is beyond horrible. Though it's sure to make some people feel nostalgic, just not sure it will be in a good way...


There are other solutions as well, which are for the original games and still work just needing to be adjusted to the remaster with a difference or two in the .ini file - even after 9 years, patches, users' fixes and workarounds readily available at 2K and Steam official forums, and the remasters still have the same problems as the original games.

It truly boggles the mind how much little care the PC ports' developers put into it. I don't know about other people, but no matter what I do, I always try to do my best at it, even if it's a hobby or something I'm doing for free and for myself only.

And as a professional that actually gives a fuck about what I do and how my work affects others, I kinda feel insulted when I think of these hacks, who while being paid, still do such a shitty job on something that other people will buy with their hard earned cash. It really pisses me off.

I mean, what kind of fucking "professionals" - if one can even call them that - do this shit?! It's like these people don't have pride in what they do and the quality of the work they do. But this is not their fault alone, because they worked for people who, by the number of issues and by the number of people affected, clearly knew the problems with these remasters and still released them anyway instead of postponing them till they were fixed like WB Games did with the Batman: Return to Arkham collection - even though it was only after the Batman: Arkham Knight's PC version fiasco.
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Driftwood - Dictateur en chef
Commented on 2016-09-17 23:58:44 In reply to Sdarts
I've had no problem whatsoever with the PC version, as proven by the videos in the news article. I'm not saying the problems aren't there, I understand why people are pissed. That being said, I hope those who complain are not the owners of the original games. I mean, even though it's no excuse, the remastered versions were given for free and, more importantly, they can still play the original BioShock 1 & 2 since they now run fine. Also, it's easy to focus on the failed ports, but keep in mind there are also a lot of games that don't need tons of patches to work (also, don't forget that console gamers have had the same sort o problems for a few years too :witcher3amongothers:).

I'll try to record some footage of BioShock 2 to see if the game crashes, but I don't know if I will have the time. We got the PS4 version of the collection sooner than we thought, so that's the priority.
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Commented on 2016-09-18 06:50:14 In reply to Driftwood
If you read the Steam and official forums, you will see a lot of people having from minor to major issues, and a lot of people are getting many issues. But like with every PC game, the game will play fine for some people, but not for others.

I'm one of those who have the original games and was thinking of replaying them again, but will now wait for these issues to be fixed first. As for not having the right to complain for something free, firstly, it wasn't free as you need to have the original copies, which were never free as far as I know and till this day still require you to buy them.

So it was not free, even if it's 9 years later. You can call it a years late patch, update, expansion, DLC, or something else if you wish, but free as in "no actual money was paid in order to acquire" these remasters, in this sense, no, these remasters are not free - they're only "free" under the condition/restriction that you spent money on the original versions somewhere down the line in these past 9 years. So is it still free?

Perhaps we're stepping into legal territory and maybe only a lawyer or judge could answer what the law says on this matter - and even them we might disagree with what the law states, but to me it's quite simple, it's almost the same as a "Buy 2, get the 3rd one for free." type of situation, even if delayed by many years. You only get the "free" stuff after paying for the "paid" stuff.

Secondly, I believe that even if these remasters were truly free, it's naive to think just because of it people who acquired them don't have the right to complain. While they didn't have any obligation to offer the remasters for free, they did so of their own free will and as such they effectively made owners of the original versions also become owners of the remastered versions. So in essence, they are ours, and everyone has the right to complain about a product they own - no matter how they acquired it.

If you think about it, that's like saying if you receive a present/gift from someone and it has serious problems, you don't have the right to complain and try to find a solution for it. Which is not how things work, at least not here in Brazil nor in the US, where people can even return presents that have no problems as long as they didn't like it and didn't use it. However, I don't know how it is in other countries.

Also, the same could be said for Free-to-Play games, they are free and you're not obligated or forced to spend money on them, but as something that you will spend many hours of your life doing, you do have the right to complain and ask for fixes if you're willing to invest your time in it.

What if someone gave another person free food that wasn't good for their health and that person became sick, would the person who received rotten food have the right to complain about it to the person that gave it and ask said person to take responsibility for the medical expenses?

The same applies for free rabies vaccination for cats and dogs, if your cat or dog starts feeling sick because of it, do you have the right to complain about it? And if veterinarian care and drugs are required so the cat or dog gets healthy, do you have the right to sue whoever's responsible for the free rabies vaccination?

And last, but not least, what if you won a house on a prize show, but the house is full of major issues which seriously compromise your use of it, or maybe you couldn't even sleep on it, would you then have the right to complain and ask for basic maintenance and fixes to the company responsible for the house until it was given to you?

There are many things in life that are free, but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to want something better - within reason - if what's available is not satisfactory in the most basic level of quality.

I understand that this might be a very complex and delicate subject to discuss, and that many people believe that one does not have the right to complain about something acquired for free, but to me neither the argument that was free, which wasn't really, nor the argument that people don't have the right to complain and ask for something better if - IF - what was given to them for free is damaged, broken, incorrect, etc in a serious way that effectively stops them from truly beneffiting from it.

Was it generous of them to gift the remasters for free to the owners of the original games? Absolutely yes! And I hope more publishers do the same in the future. But does that generosity means that you have no right to complain when for example, you can't even play the game as it was intended to be played due to major issues like crashing every 5 minutes or every time you try to save and effectively corrupts your save data? Absolutely not!

I just don't see the former argument nullifying the latter argument. I'm also really sorry if this sounds like entlitement for entlitement's sake, but I really do believe that once you receive something legally and someone says it's yours, you are the owner of that something. And that as the owner of that something, you do have the rights to it, whatever that entails.

If I'm wrong about this, which is completely possible, then no one who has ever received a gift - for whatever reason - is the owner of said gift since he or she did not pay money for it. Now please take a moment to imagine what it means "to own" something, how this affects society and what happens to the world if that last setence is true.

PS. I know it's not just PC games, some console games are bad and full of issues too. But lately, I swear it feels like a lot of developers have just stopped caring about PC gamers.
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