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Be warned, Maneater does not go in for subtleties, but it does so with off-beat humor and a certain sense of fun. Despite that, it's hard not to find the way the game is built redundant, as half way into the main story, we've always been doing the same things. It may change in the second part of the game but, for now, we feel it should be more over-the-top and more varied when it comes to the type of missions it features. It's a bit like the game is getting cold feet somehow and because of that the mission design is neither inventive nor really surprising. I mean asking us to eat a certain amount of fish is fine the first 5 times, but when it's always part of the things you're going to be asked to do, with no real surprise in terms of situations, it gets old pretty quickly. It's a shame because exploring the depth of the bayou or the ocean is pretty cool, but the game is not just Sharknado enough in a way, they really should have pushed it too far. So unless things change drastically in the second part (we've only completed 50% of the story), it feels a bit too much like routine after the first couple of hours. Check out our videos and let us know what you think.

Commented on 2020-05-22 06:44:48
Thanks for the preview.

That's very disappointing to hear. Maneater was one of my most anticipated games of 2020. I recently played Sunset Overdrive and it was one of the most fun games I've played in my entire life. Most of the reason why it was so fun was because it went bonkers absurd and insane in the way it handled hillarious and/or stupid things.

It didn't always hit it off, but it got me laughing and the absurdity of it all made for extremely great and fun gameplay. It's like swinging in Spider-Man (2018), you just love doing it. The fact that Maneater always looked bonkers and very self-aware was one of its greatest selling points imho. Specially with the last trailers, which really went for that zany stuff.

I still don't get why we're so close to the next-generation of consoles and most developers still feel that "fetch quests" are something worth making an essential foundation pillar out of. Most people got tired of them 2 generations ago, yet so many developers go back to this tried-and-failed design thinking it will make their games better, instead of of worse.

I was recently looking at it in the Epic Games Store and was thinking of buying it as it's cheap, but now I know why. Oh well, better wait for a heavy discount later in the year or next year. Maybe they will do a definitive/complete edition with quality of life changes. Still, thanks for the heads up, just saved me from caring about it more than it's worth.
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