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Alan Wake Remastered is coming out this week so here are the first 30 minutes of the adventure on Playstation 5. The famous writer makes his debut on Sony's consoles but the game will also be available on Xbox and PC. Enjoy the nostalgic jump back in time.

Commented on 2021-10-07 20:44:26
Thank you very much. I often watch your videos via USB on my TV. My favorite ones are the slow ones where I can enjoy the graphics, environments, mood etc. I think this also seperates you from lots of other pages which often focus only on gameplay or action. So keep up the good work and many thanks in advance!
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Driftwood - Dictateur en chef
Commented on 2021-10-07 20:59:19 In reply to dc_coder_84
Then you should definitely check out my Far Cry 6 HDR video. :)
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Commented on 2021-10-07 22:00:25
I've done that already :) Not sure if this game (Far Cry 6) is fine for me. It seems to strive for too much mass appeal, too much simple action, too much mainstream etc. I miss some soul in it. A bit more Feuilleton please. I want to have deep characters and dialogues like in To The Moon or Uncharted 4. I mean I know the dilemma of triple A games. They have to sell millions and therefore it has to appeal to all people. It's always a fight between creativity and money. Sad but true :(

Until now I've never played any Far Cry so maybe I am wrong with my statements. I am always a bit sceptical about open world games. I mean open world is great but difficult to get right and even big companies like Ubisoft struggle with it. Lets take for example Assassin's Creed Unity. It's a good game with good gameplay but after some time you realize the open world is too simple. You run to point A to accept a mission. Then you run to point B to execute the mission. You don't even have to think where to go next because there is always an arrow which shows the correct direction. But this is bad game design if you ask me. There should be some guidance but not too much otherwise the user gets kinda brain dead. The game Control solved this nicely. It only shows rougly where to go next.

Visually Assassin's Creed Unity holds up quite nicly even today. The missions feel a bit monotonously after some time because essentially it's always the same. They also clustered the map with so much boring stuff and collectibles which not really add much to the gameplay. After playing the game lots of hours I now finally understand what people mean when they call it the "Ubi formula". Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad game but I think there's room for lots of improvement. Sometime I heard that the creative control at Ubisoft is quite centralized over lots of development studios. This sounds like a problem to me if it's really true. But I am not working there so I do not know for sure of course.

Linear games are great too and there are lots of beautiful examples like The Last of Us, one of my favorite games. Jak and Daxter is a great example of an open world. Here the open world feels so naturally tied to the gameplay.
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