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Here are a bunch of videos of the terrible adaptation of The Expendables 2, available to download on Xbox Live Arcade and Sony Entertainment Network. Unless you're a die hard fan of the movie and you want to collect anything that has to do with it, we don't see how you could forgive all the game's problems, starting with the fact that aiming is just as easy as headshooting a fly with a shotgun at about 110 yards. Only the coolest character of the bunch (Barney/Stallone) is not too clumsy with his six-shooter. To make things worse, the game is not even challenging, the enemies letting you heal your teammates without attacking. Now maybe it's some kind of Geneva convention AI routine I don't know. But enough with all the talking, if you're more curious than sensible, you can check out our videos.

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Convention of Geneva AI routine - that just made my day
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Posted by droezelke
Is that Stallone's voice? It sounds like it's not to me.
I think it's just some actor doing him (or trying to), much like in Lost the video game in which the original cast did not voice the characters.
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I think it's just some actor doing him (or trying to), much like in Lost the video game in which the original cast did not voice the characters.
Only Terry Crews and Dolph Lundgren took part in voicing their characters.

Played last night with friends in full coop - it is a blast of a game even though its really-really buggy. But that's only multiplied fun %)
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