After posting our final verdict on Remedy's latest game yesterday, we were live to show you all the RTX features in Control. If you missed it, here's your chance to catch up with the replay of yesterday's Gamersyde Live.

RTX in Control

Commented on 2019-08-28 09:51:28
Really liking this game, by a lot! Only now unlocked the upgrade and crafting systems, so still early in the game, but you really feel powerful even with just 1 ability unlocked, seems to have 8-9 more, so I can't even imagine just how powerful I will become by the end of the game.

Remedy really outdid themselves, the location(s), story, characters, etc are all interesting, while the misteries are intriguing and push you forward. Only downside might be the difficulty, so far I only died once at the first boss because I launched an explosive at an enemy right in front of me by accident.

Still early, so hopefully enemies get more stronger and smarter as the game progresses. However, if I'm already this powerful with just 1 ability and 1 weapon form - unlocked the 2nd form, but haven't used it yet - then I can't imagine the difficulty getting that high when I will be getting even more powerful.

However, I'm very excited to keep playing it, it just puts a smile on my face just by thinking about it and all the potential abilities and possibilities. Really glad I only watched the E3 trailers, since I don't know which other abilities you get, but so far the first ability is really cool. Being able to grab almost any object, including a piece of the floor is just so freaking awesome - reminds me of Half-Life 2's physics, but even better and more fun.
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