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Seasons After Fall took its time and several seasons after its first announcement, it's finally here, on PC (console versions are not planned yet). Since we completed the game in time for the end of the embargo, we can share the verdict of our full French review and a few videos. Because we didn't want to spoil too much, the footage we have prepared is focused on the very beginning of the game. If you want more information, then join us tonight at 9:15 CEST for a new livestream.


Seasons after Fall could have been more challenging, its world could have been bigger, but the developers preferred not to risk losing themselves and chose to deliver a poetic experience in which peaceful exploration and puzzles prevail over Ori and the Blind Forest's frenetic platforming pace. With its beautiful hand-painted graphics and its mesmerizing soundtrack, Swing Swing Submarine's new title is like that bucolic stroll in the forest you enjoy several times a year, whatever the season. It is no surprise then that there would be some necessary backtracking here and there, something that might not be welcomed by the seasoned hikers who are usually after more variety in terms of landscapes and sensations. Even so, it would be a shame for such people to miss the 6 to 8 hours of gameplay the title provides as those are intoxicating and never disappointing - provided you accept the overall experience for what it is. Yet another proof that small studios can achieve great things in today's industry.
  • On the plus side
  • Beautifully gorgeous
  • Musically sublime
  • Excellent sound design (voices and sounds)
  • The animations
  • Seasons are magical
  • No exaggerated guidance
  • A game in which you don't kill anyone
  • Cheap entry price, great price-quality ratio
  • On the downside
  • The world could have been bigger...
  • ... which would have led to a bit less backtracking
  • No real challenge
  • Some might need a bit more guidance
  • Audio mixing is not so great
Commented on 2016-09-06 07:51:27
very obvious influence of Ori
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Driftwood - Dictateur en chef
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Posted by M4cKey
very obvious influence of Ori
No, the project started many years ago, way before Ori was even announced. Also, Ori does not have the same hand-painted art style and it's a challenging game, which Seasons after Fall is not trying to be. It's more a puzzle game than a platformer per se, even though there's a lot of jumping around involved. :)
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