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Even though Felix The Reaper is published by Daedalic, it is probably a game you have not heard of much so we thought we'd take a few minutes to explain the concept in writing. Added to that, we obviously have a couple of videos if you want to see the game for yourself. Let us know what you think!


Felix works for the Ministry of Death but he loves to dance, a combination which gives quite a unique puzzle game in terms of atmosphere. In each level you have to reach a specific objective which, after completing the ongoing chapter, will lead to the death of a specific target. The goal is to create a series of event which will eventually provoke the designated target's death. For example, to kill the hunter of the first chapter, you will first have to kill a deer, then hang its head to a wall as a trophy, make sure the hunter has something to drink in the next level so he can get drunk and finally take a nap right under the deer's head. Only then will it allow you to trigger the last event that will kill him once and for all. Each objective is to be completed in a short dedicated level, with different elements you can interact with to solve the puzzle, but no time limit to do so (though you'll have to be quick and efficient if you want to get all the skull achievements). To make things trickier, Felix cannot step into the light, he has to remain in the shadows. Thankfully, he has the ability to turn the sun and shift the shadows so he can progress. It's quite a challenging concept that works just as well on PC as it does on Switch in portable mode.

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Thanks for the very detailed explanation and example. I had read about this game in the Xbox blog a month back, but it's nice to see it receiving more coverage on gaming sites. Also, you explained way better than the Xbox blog.

PS. I've been wondering this for some time, would it be too much trouble to have the release date of games on the right side alongside the developer and publisher like with the old design? In some cases, like in this game, you can see the release date on "Upcoming Releases" column, but not on the game's info panel. Would help with knowing when a game is already out without having to search for its release date if the game isn't on the Upcoming Releases column. I'm thinking this would be an automated process if there's a database with the release dates already, I believe that's how the Upcoming Releases colum gets updated. However, if it's a manual process, please disregard my question as updating that for each game is too time consuming and not worth the trouble.
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