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Don't worry guy, Gamersyde hasn't become an HDR only website, but we're trying to catch up on the games we could never show you this way and Metro Exodus was one of them. The last DLC entitled Sam's Story was released a little while back but we never truly took the time to give it some coverage so we figured it would be a good opportunity to do so. We'll probably add some SDR footage as well in the days to come, but until then you can finally see what 4A Games' title looks like with HDR and ray tracing.

GSY Video Xbox One PC

The advantage of being confined and of seeing highly anticipated titles delayed (The Last of Us Part II to name but one) is that it's going to give us plenty of time to go back to all those games we couldn't dive into back when they were released, or that we've never had time to complete. Gears 5 is one of them, and since we couldn't show you the PC version in HDR in September, we thought we'd make it up to you this weekend. Enjoy!

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Developed 5 Lives Studios (Satellite Reign), Windbound is Deep Silver latest indie IP that provides a survival adventure in which players control Kara who's shipwrecked and must adapt to her surroundingswhile experiencing the mysteries of the Forbidden Islands. The digital title will launch August 28th on PC and consoles. More details, trailer and screens inside.

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A few days ago, Poland-based developer Anshar Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign for its cyberpunk-themed investigation RPG Gamedec. It proved successful in less than two days, allowing developers to add more interactivity and customizations in the game. The title refers to the name given to P.I. working on cases in the the virtual worlds and where every choices have an impact. At the earliest, the game will launch in late 2020 on GOG and Steam. Learn and see more inside with various videos including a 10-minute walkthrough in the second virtual world commented by head of production Magdalena Cielecka.

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Time for the last part of our Resident Evil 3 coverage with the introduction of the game we recorded in HDR. If you have missed the rest, we remind you that earlier this week we posted a commented video of the game in which we tell you what to expect from this new remake. It can easily be found on the game's page or in the Our Content tab.

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Now that the embargo on streams and gameplay videos has been (partially) lifted, we can show you Resident Evil 3 in glorious HDR. To watch these, you will first need to download the files, copy them onto a flash drive before watching them on your TV, provided it supports HDR obviously. Enjoy!
Note: We'll wait until tomorrow to share the introduction of the game with you.

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Cold Symmetry and Playstack just announced that Soulslike Dungeonhaven is now called Mortal Shell and should be released between July and September of this year on PC, Playsation 4 and Xbox One. A closed beta will also be made available but to find out more about it you should check out the official website.

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When you see Totally Reliable Delivery Service, it's impossible not to think of Human: Fall Flat which featured the same kind of physics engine and handling. The game has just been released on every possible system (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, not to mention Android and iOS devices) but it's free on just a couple of them. Until April 8, you can play it without having to pay anything on the EGS and Gamepass owners can also enjoy the game for free on Xbox One. It's not quite sure you'll play for a long time if you don't have anyone else to play it, but if you can find up to 3 friends (local or online) to help you deliver things, it might just be what you need to forget about the whole confinement thing.

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Developed by the guy behind Absolute Drift, released about 4 years ago, art of rally has just gotten itself a demo and we strongly recommend it. Only one stage is available but ou can choose the time of day, the weather conditions and 2 different vehicles, not to mention a certain level of assistance. Just be aware that the game is challenging enough in its default settings. We tried to record some ok gameplay footage, which wasn't easy, so if you own a PC, your best option is to try the game yourself (link inside).

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Good Job! is available now and in this game published by Nintendo, your job is to accomplish by all possible means a whole lot of tasks in a large office building. Enjoy our 20 minutes video.


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