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Right after E3, CD Projekt RED shared on its social media channels new artworks of Cyberpunk 2077 that depict some of the clothing styles and general visual art of and around Night City. You can now enjoy the artworks in high resolution. Jump inside and tell us which one you favor more.

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The King of Fighters' own kunoichi Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond are now available for Dead or Alive 6. Both characters are part of the Season Pass 1 and will be made available to purchase individually at a later time.

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Capcom just released a rather long video explaining all about the upcoming Iceborne DLC for Monster Hunter: World. The beta will be from June 21 at noon to June 24 noon for Playstation Plus members, and from June 28 to July 1st for all PS4 gamers.

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Warner Bros. and NetherRealm announce the free Kombat League for Mortal Kombat 11. Starting tomorrow, players can enter the seasonal ranked mode and progress through nine tiers, each rewarding exclusive items. Items can also be erned through daily and seasonal quests. Once the four weeks have passed, a new season begin with new items and incentives. Early access for Shang Tsung also beings tomorrow for Kombat Pack-owners.

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Last Friday, the free update Holy Wars for Ice Code Games' strategy title Re-Legion was released. It comes with a new skirmish mode and other features and improvements that are detailed in the videos inside.

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Giga Wrecker Alt. came out on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch a month ago or so but we couldn't record any gameplay footage at the time. Here is one video of the game on Microsoft's console.
Note: Sadly we encountered a sound bug while we were capturing the game.

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Today is Father's Day in Europe, so why not offer you old men out there a couple of videos of Shotgun with Glitters' game, The Padre. As you'll see, it's a retro 3D style adventure game with lots of puzzles and some tough battles.

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The new extension for Forza Horizon 4 was not even announced a week ago and it is now available to all who have paid for it. Once gotten used to the strange combination of Forza physics in a LEGO world, it's a very enjoyable title to play. Not only is it very colorful but it is also the most impressive looking LEGO game to date. It's just a bit of a shame that races do not only feature LEGO cars and that we've noticed a bunch of pop-up issues we hadn't seen before in the main game. Maybe it's just us though. Check out our PC videos of this new content, in glorious 4K/60fps.

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CD Projekt RED continues to tease Cyberpunk 2077 with in-game screenshots for the second day of E3. Three new images plus two with the Nvidia Ray Tracing on.
Update: two new screenshots added plus some character renders.

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Ubisoft gave us access to a 4K B-Roll, so we took the opportunity to edit the footage we received and to record our impressions on Watch Dogs: Legion.


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