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The latest trailer of The Sinking City gives a glimpse at the madness present in Oakmont city where Charles Reed is subkect to that weird atmosphere and hope that all is just hallucinations.

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The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan, the first narrative-focused horror game from an anthology series developed by Supermassive Games will be out on August 30 has announced Bandai Namco. Pre-orders will grant access (after completing the game once) to the Curator's Cut, which offer new perspective, options and choices.

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The interactive scifi thriller Observation from No Code is available since yesterday on PC and PS4. The title sends you to the depths of space to unravel the mystery about what happened to Dr. Emma Fisher and her crew.

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Naps Team was kind enough to send us the first trailer for their upcoming game Baldo. The project originally started as a GBA title and it was even completed just before the arrival of the Nintendo DS. Sadly, it was never released despite the fact that Nintendo really liked what the developers had done, because Naps Team's publisher wanted to focus on the new handheld. As the team moved on to work on other games, they never truly had time to find the time to go back to the world of Baldo. Until now that is. Though there is still no official release date for this new version of the game developed in 3D with the Unity engine, the Italian developer is ready to share some footage, which means we should hear from their title more and more. The game is planned on all systems, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Funcom has released a new video for Conan Unconquered where Petroglyph developers share more about the cooperation mode of the game. The title will be out next week.

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The fourth year of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege continues and will soon see the addition of Operation Phantom Sight which brings a reworked Kafe Dostoyevsky map and two new operators: Nøkk and Warden.

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The first-person hacking dungeon-crawling game Conglomerate 451 will be available on Steam Early Access starting May 23rd. The game takes a classic approach with its grid-based RPG style in a world with permadeath and where many things can be hacked. Full launch is expected for later this year. Trailer and screens inside.

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With Total War: Three Kingdoms releasing May 23rd on PC, it's time for the game's launch trailer here to prepapre you for the control of Ancient China.

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Unruly Heroes has gone a little unnoticed since its release in late January, so here is a video captured on Xbox One X.

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Out There: Ω The Alliance has been available for a few weeks now, here is a video captured on Nintendo Switch.


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