Destiny 2 | Did any of you play it?

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I did. Platinum trophy. Did the (awful) Raid twice. Went flawless 4x in Trials of the Nine. I have mixed feelings on it.

It's better in some ways, but way worse in others. I think I've finally realized every change Bungie has made in D2 is to slap Halo veterans in the face and say "we don't make hardcore PvP games anymore, leave us alone". There's fun to be had, but nowhere near vanilla Destiny Y1.

I think the campaign was good for newcomers. It was an actual campaign, not just pretend set pieces in the same levels you have to go to 80x. It's still a ways off from where they should have been for this amount of time, and I'm more worried about the game's longevity than at any point in Destiny 1, but it's decent.

Your thoughts?
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Kind of on the same boat.

-They drastically improved the "open world" stuff. (I put quotations, because we all know its hardly a true open world. More like several small to medium sized areas connected by long boring roads)
-The story was actually there this time, but its a pretty terrible story. Standard fair for recent FPS games though, so whatever. At least it exists.
-Strikes are good, but i feel like i run the same 2-3 over and over. I did the Nightfall today and its a strike I've never even seen before... and i've done like 30 of them. Fucking weird.
-Dig the new quest/reward system we get for all the big NPCs.
-PVP is better IMO because its not all nade/ult/heavy spamming instant deaths. Much more emphasis on player skill and shooting actual primary weapons instead of sniper/shotgun madness. Maps seem... uninspired and boring though? Idk, none of them scream "damn they really went all out here." Just meh.
-PVP is also worse, because you can't pick what game mode you want to freaking play. Like seriously Bungie... what are you doing?
-I understand why we only got 4 planets (or moons, whatever) but one of them is literally just some oil tanker/platforms out in the middle of an ocean. The others aren't much to write home about. Overall disappointing as hell.
-Haven't done the raid yet, but from what I hear it is one of the worst they've done.. so I'm not even excited to run through it.
-New weapon/armor system is kind of shit. I really don't like the armor mods at all, and obviously the shit shader system... yeesh.

Idk, its definitely more of the same. Some parts are clearly better (Open world/public stuff, questing, adventures, etc.) Some stuff is clearly worse.... and most of it is largely more of the same.

Have they learned from their mistakes? Sort of. It's a good game that you'll probably get at least 50 hours of fun from if you enjoy shooting shit at all. But it does not make enough changes to fix most of the problems the first game had.

I'd slap a 7.5 or 8 out of 10 on this game.
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I really should have tried it. I downloaded it and everything.
If they have an open weekend I'll give it a go later.
I'm curious to see how well this sells after the bubble burst on the original.
Lots of my friends who played 1 basically say this is what the original should have been with content?

On a side, how'd you fair with the hurricane Phaethy? You're in FL?
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