GSY Review PS3

It’s finally here. After more than three years of development, Heavy Rain is offering itself to us in this review version and we threw ourselves into the adventure, not without fear. Despite a quite promising preview if one accepts the style of the game, numerous questions were left unresolved. Would the story keep us in suspense till the end? Would it be interesting enough for us to discover the real story behind this ambitious title? Time has come to provide you the essential answers so you know what to expect before taking the step and embarking yourself in the vision of video games made in David Cage.

Video PS3

Here is a new video of Heavy Rain. Once again this video shows more than you may want to see before its release. Meanwhile we learn interesting elements about the storyline and characters of the game. That could convince some people that this game might be worth a look.

Trailer PS3

Another highly-anticipated title by Sony with Heavy Rain which gets a whole new trailer today. There are some new sequences shown here but beware, it apparently spoils some of the storyline by showing bits of dramatic events that you may not want to see before you get the game. Be advised...

GSY Preview PS3

First announced at E3 2006, Heavy Rain is certainly one of the most anticipated titles coming on Playstation 3 next year. Even though some were disappointed by their last attempt with Fahrrenheit (aka The Indigo Prophecy in North America), many players still have high hopes concerning Quantic Dreams' new game. Today, Gamersyde is offering you a written hands-on preview of the game so you can get an idea of what to expect on Februray 24 when it's released.

Developer Diary PS3

Sony released this interview/walkthrough of Heavy Rain where Guillaume de Fondaumière, co-CEO of Quantic Dream explains what the game is all about. A very long video, very informative.

Video PS3

Heavy Rain is at the Gamescom with a new build showing a never seen before scene. First part is now available, with more to come.

Trailer PS3

Sony released a new trailer and a few new images of Heavy Rain during yesterday's conference.

Video PS3

David Cage, boss of Quantic Dream, came in person to unveil a brand new sequence of Heavy Rain, which takes place in the second third of the adventure. We meet - again - with Madison, the pretty girl-cop we first saw barely escaping the grasp of a serial killer in the taxidermist scene, now on a mission in a crowded nightclub. In an attempt to approach the owner, the young lady has to fix her truck driver look to something a tad more feminine. Surprise, it is you, the player, that's in charge of blushing her cheeks in the ladies room...

Trailer PS3

It's now Heavy Rain's turn to get its own E3 trailer.
Update: Added the official images.


The always intriguing Heavy Rain is finally back with these new images, and hopefully some videos in the near future.
Update: As expected, here comes a gameplay video of the game.

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    Sdarts Anyway, just my stupid opinion and it's not meant to be an attack or hurt anyone, I just had a 8/10 experience. That is all. Though the game does have serious flaws. (1 Hour ago)

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    Sdarts There are too many bad/dumb design choices that just surprised me that people just ignored them in order to praise the game unfairly. (1 Hour ago)

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    Sdarts Finished 100% God of War (2018). It's a very good game, but nowhere near the "one of the best games of all time" hype I heard from so many people over the years. (1 Hour ago)

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