Getting a game when it's only available in Early Access is also risky as many fail to deliver a very convincing experience. Sadly, with Achilles: Legends Untold, that's exactly how you're going to feel. Let us explain why. On paper, the game seems to offer a sort of mix between a Soulsborne game and a top-down experience like in Diablo. The story is set in Ancient Greece , something that might appeal to a lot of people provided they like Greek mythology. The problem is that combat is absolutely not satisfying for the moment. There is no feedback when hitting enemies, which is very underwhelming when you start playing. If you expected something along the lines of Ryse in terms of brutality and feedback, you're in for a bad surprise. The game uses the exact same control scheme as Dark Souls, you soon learn to absorb the souls of defeated enemies (which looks a bit odd as it seems that some dangerous fireballs are coming right at us) and when you die, you're taken back at the last shrine, but make no mistake, it is no way near the brilliance of a Souls game. For now then, we advise you to wait until the studio manages to make combat more interesting as in its current state it's just not good enough to deserve your attention.