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EA and DICE unleashed Battlefield 1943 on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this week, and what a great game this is! Included is three maps from Battlefield 1942, with a fourth released probably next week. The last couple of days have mostly been about errors and problems for many of the players, with freezing, lag and server downtime. It has gotten better and better for each day though, with EA both doubling and now probably triple the amount of servers. I've had problem free sessions all day long so it seems like it works well now, at least in Europe. In short, to me Battlefield is still the game that produces the most fun shooting gameplay and 1943 continues with insanely fun hours to be had.

Trailer Xbox 360 PS3

Battlefield 1943 is available since a few minutes on XBLA and Electronic Arts just released its launch trailers. Hours of killing coming!

Interview Xbox 360 PS3

EA today announced a July 8th (XBLA) and 9th (PSN) release date for Battlefield 1943, and quite fittingly we also received a Q&A from the XCN. The producer, Gordon Van Dyke, took time to answer a bunch of questions; he said no plans for DLC are made, but he thinks every 1942 map is fitting for remaking. I couldn't agree more, let's do it EA - I want my Omaha Beach!

Trailer PC Xbox 360 PS3

Electronic Arts releases a trailer for Battlefield 1943, its vintage online war simulation. It gives us a glimpse of the tranquil island of Guadalcanal, its translucent waters, sandy beaches and daily bombings. Charming.

Video PC Xbox 360 PS3

You asked for it, you got it. I crawled to the Battlefield 1943 stand and turned my shiny camera on. The action takes place on a not so quiet island in the Pacific. Old cuckoo dogfights, large tanks and jeep action, I wouldn't spend my holidays there.

Images Xbox 360 PS3

We forgot to post these images from the EA press pack, so enjoy these of Battlefield 1943. It seems still on track for a console release this summer, with PC version arriving in September.

Trailer Xbox 360 PS3

Electronic Arts unveiled today the Coral Sea map for Battlefield 1943 that will be unlocked when the kill count in the game reaches 43 millions. Why not?

Xbox 360 PS3

Electronics Arts just unveiled another redone map for Battlefield 1943 with these images and a new trailer.

Xbox 360 PS3

DjMizuhara sent us the trailer of Battlefield 1943 released yesterday on the PSN Store and showing a bit more of the game than the video released last week.

Xbox 360 PS3

Electronic Arts announced the release of Battlefield 1943 in June for Xbox 360 and PS3, at the price of 1200 points/15 dollars, and released this trailer showing the famous map Wake Island as recreated in the game.

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